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Description: Agent Archetypes: The 4 Ways Agents Make Money – There are four ways agents typically make money and operate their sales career we group into archetypes, they are the Networker, the Prospector, the Converter, and the Marketer. During the session, we take an in-depth look at what key skills and practices are needed for each of the four Archetypes, what tools and systems are required for each of the four to successfully generate and convert leads, and how each can adjust to changing market situations.

Sphere Marketing – Jack and Dean dove into how to create a scalable and affordable sphere marketing plan that leverages content marketing, branded materials, and company support materials to generate more business and grow your bottom line.

Primary Markets – Are you currently focusing on markets around you that have high turnover rates, i.e. primary markets? If not, we talk about why you should be, as well as how to research, find, and target these markets to grow your business.

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